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Do you feel connected to a power greater than you? Feel safe and supported while resolving emotional and energetic blocks with gentle hands-on energy healing. Gentle, non-invasive and yet extremely powerful, Reiki works by connecting you to what you need on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’ and translated as ‘life energy’ is transferred through the practitioner’s hands into your body to support your individual needs. You may feel warmth, tingling or no sensation at all. The overall effect is usually one of deep relaxation or of having had the best nap ever. Reiki benefits individuals experiencing:

-stress and anxiety
-fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
-pain on any level

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Reiki can:
-reduce the side effects of medications

-increase access to spiritual guidance

-provide spiritual nourishment

-remove blocks associated with ancestral issues and issues arising from conception to birth including birth trauma

-heal unhealthy spirit attachments

-remove the emotional charge around core issues

Reiki can do no harm and complements other methods of natural healing beautifully.


Free online group Reiki sessions are available for the spring of 2017. Email me at for details.



 “I felt so light and joyful yesterday and want to thank you so much for the wonderful treatment.  It was a beautiful feeling of being taken care of with trust and light.  You are very gentle and engaged in what you do and a testament to your journey of knowing.” B. Thomson

Lovely, I’m calm, replenished. It does feel like just having had the best nap.” – first time Reiki client

“I think that that Reiki session was alot more useful to me than a massage would have been at this point. It was very helpful. I know exactly what I need to do. Thank you.” – Reiki client who asked for clarity and focus.

You are present and keenly paying attention to details and nuances of your client. I am experiencing that you are completely present and with me/my body/my breathing. You are interested in how I feel … what I feel and where I feel.  There is no judgment.  There is no advice.  There is acceptance. Kathryn, I truly believe you have a great service.” -Janice James, Reiki Master

“For me what makes you unique is that you are spiritual and believe in esotericism but at the same time you are incredibly practical and down to earth about your treatment approach.You communicate clearly, your heart is open and you are very calm and methodical. I felt like you saw me and my strength even though I was feeling run down and emotional when I came there. I think you are a true artist healer!!” – Nicole Makin, BSW, MACP

“Kat is the most amazing healer I have ever met, her commitment to her own excellence gives her the ability to have an ever evolving healing ability and brilliant skillset when it comes to energy work and Reiki.  Working with her has been life changing for me, I needed someone to reflect back to me my light when I couldn’t see it or feel it, and with Kat’s Reiki sessions I was able to find the healing, safety, nurturing and regeneration I needed.  I recommend her to every single person I meet who suffers from chronic fatigue, depression, weight issues and feeling like they are out of balance.  Thank you Kat for being so good at what you do naturally!” Jannine Murray, Health And Fitness Specialist


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level I Workshop May 27 &  28 10am-4pm. Total 12 hours including breaks.

Reiki, or universal life force energy, is a healing modality that is gentle, effective, and complements other modalities beautifully.
With over 10 years of practice, I feel called to share this amazing gift. The focus of Level One is on self-healing. Benefits of regular practice of this art include reduction in anxiety, calmness of the mind, harmony and balance. The intention is to facilitate a deeper connection with Spirit.
This level covers: History of Reiki, Benefits and Principles of Reiki, hand positions for self-healing with practice time, Includes a Level 1 Reiki Placement (formerly known as Attunement), Certificate of Completion for each student.

Small class size $250 CDN plus manual $19.95 USD Reiki: The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand.

Contact katsclinic AT

Note Registration deadline is May 19 to allow time to order the manuals.

For those new to Reiki, a private one-on-one session is recommended before the course starts. Book a private session at


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level II Workshop June 3 & 4 10am-4pm. Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I is a pre-requisite

This level covers Reiki symbols, sending distant healing, practice with others and additional techniques. It also includes a Placement (formerly known as Attunement).

Small class size $250 CDN.

Contact katsclinic AT

Note: Registration deadline is May 15 to allow time to order manuals.

Manual: Reiki: The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand is required and can be ordered through Kathryn.


My treatment with you was wonderful.  In observing you at workshops or support groups, I’ve noticed that you have a special way with people.  You are warm and caring and able to listen.  You give people your time and your presence.  You are knowledgeable and come from a space called “lived experience”.  You have much to offer people because of your broad background experience in the healing arts including nutrition.  “ Sister Eileen Curteis, Reiki Master Teacher