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Thai massage, back pain relief

What is Thai Massage?

A balancing and harmonizing treatment that perfectly complements (or replaces ;)) yoga practice. Suitable for all levels of flexibility, this massage improves posture, creates ease of movement and increases energy. Three levels are addressed simultaneously: the physical body (joints, muscles, organs etc. ), the flow of subtle energy through pathways called Sen (meridians) and the realm of heart consciousness or spirit. This massage covers the whole body, the client is clothed, the practitioner uses all body parts i.e. thumbs, palms, elbows, feet etc. and it includes stretches, acupressure, yoga postures and energy healing. Treatments can be performed on floor mats or a massage table.  You will feel revitalized and yet relaxed, with increased flexibility. This treatment benefits people experiencing stiffness, soreness and muscle tension. Also highly beneficial for anyone with injuries or who has experienced accidents.

oil massage, relaxation, pain relief

oil massage

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Dry: This massage is done clothed and covers the whole body, either on floor mats or a massage table. The technique is primarily acupressure, pressing on specific points that are “gateways to consciousness”. These sites are very potent spots for healing and also for harm, having originated in Indian martial arts. Kathryn often combines marmatherapy with Traditional Thai Massage for greater effects. These massages become meditation in motion, resulting in deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Warm Oil Aromatherapy: Known as “Love therapy”, this is especially beneficial for those who take care of others. Using warm oil, the treatment is nourishing, lubricating and grounding. Great for dry skin, chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, sore joints and bone issues. The result is a gentle yet deep release of tension, obstacles and blockages, thereby increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.

Treatments may also include aromatherapy, heat treatments, herbal compresses or pastes, plus subtle therapies such as crystals, sound healing and guided visualization.

Unsure of which treatment is for you? Book your preferred day and time and together we will determine what is most suitable at the time. Wear clothes that move easily and plan a ‘light’ day that day in order to get the most benefits. Believe me, you won’t feel like doing errands or meetings afterwards!

Sessions are available in Victoria and include a brief intake to customize the session to your needs.


Note: Chair massages are now available at The Victoria Market at The Hudson on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11-3.  Book in person at the market.