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Water, water everywhere….

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A scoop on what we’re made of

As you all know, our bodies are mostly water. Perhaps you also know that water is required during many metabolic processes. You may be aware of the concept of keeping your body’s fluids at certain pH values and remaining alkaline for greater health. The alkalinity comes from the mineral balance in the fluid. And therefore, it is important to have a constant intake of fresh, clean, mineralized water. We are fortunate here to live beside the ocean and to have clean water. David Suzuki says we have some of the best water in the world. And Victoria water is not fluoridated. However, our water does have chloramines (chlorine and ammonia) which are great for killing unhealthy bacteria, unfortunately they also kill healthy bacteria and in large amounts are cancerous. The heavy ‘steam’ that occurs when taking a hot shower is mostly chlorine gas. Breathing that in every day is best avoided. Putting it on one’s skin is not advisable, either because our skin absorbs these chemicals like a sponge. One way to avoid being exposed to these chemicals is to obtain a shower filter. I have used various filters over the years since I lived in Toronto. I am amazed at the difference in odour, taste and sensation on my skin. My showers barely steam up the mirror since I began using filters. No more inhaling chlorine gas! Ask me about the shower purifier that’s specifically for Victoria water and reduces chloramines 95%. I believe strongly in this product and recommend that anyone serious about their health or wanting to reduce toxin exposure needs to use one. Therefore I have brought them in to distribute and they are quite reasonably priced.
Just one more way to do spring cleaning!

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