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Kathryn, your personality as a teacher is open, humorous, a little self-deprecating and I  appreciate that. You hold the energy of the room (with more than 50 people, even!) with a quiet but such stable and calm presence–it makes such a difference to the practice space, no matter where, no matter the conditions.

S. McFerran

I felt so light and joyful yesterday and want to thank you so much for the wonderful treatment.  It was a beautiful feeling of being taken care of with trust and light.  You are very gentle and engaged in what you do and a testament to your journey of knowing.

B. Thomson

Thank you again for the great Thai massage. I left feeling grounded and wonderfully relaxed. These feelings continued on throughout the day. My head felt clear and all worries seemed to drift away. My body felt thankful for the attention. Overall it was a great treatment and something that I would happily experience again.

Thanks again!


Thank you for the amazing Thai massage. I have never experienced Thai massage before, but this exceeded any expectations or ideas I had based upon traditional massage experiences. Your approach was inituitive and communicative – you seemed to know exactly where to exert the right amount of pressure, but you were always careful to check in and make sure I was ok with what you were doing. My entire body felt open and spacious – like all the tension had somehow been magically released -and, even more amazingly, I did not experience any stiffness or soreness the next day as I sometimes have in the past after a deep massage. The interactive nature of Thai massage is really conducive to allowing your body to let go and release, and the way you used my body as a tool to assist in it’s own release was amazing.

Thank you again.


My experience…

I found I was able to really allow Kathryn to assist my body by first mentally trusting her to create movement in my body where it had become stuck. Trusting that she was being 100% aware and gentle and caring – immensely allowed me to let go and let her do the work of releasing the tension zones.It was indeed an “adventure in stretching!”

It was an unique experience – a cross between yoga and massage. Where yoga left off – the massage continued. My body flowed into postures that were very releasing with such ease and grace – I was shocked at being able to go there, stay there, and release so easily and effortlessly.

I could see why Kathryn was so drawn to the Thai massage method – it was a natural extension of her yoga work. Her deep level of experience and wisdom gained from yoga is what makes this massage so effective. I could trust her completely to unravel my tension.

The manner in which she performed the massage was so flowing, so relaxed, so easy. My body learned to move in a new way. The more I trusted her gentle coaxing of my body into certain poses or postures, the more I experienced a sense of peace, sleepiness, and “driftingness” that assisted my release profoundly.

At one point I became completely alive at a deeper level of awareness. I became alert to how clear I felt on all levels – the energy in the room was very high, bright, and almost physical palpable – it was indeed a Heavenly experience.

I recommend you try it – for yourself – it is beyond anything I have ever experienced in 40 years of body work.

I had some held yucky emotions come up that I now felt safe surface and release with no emotion heaviness because I felt so comforted by Kathryn’s manner, method, and presence.

During a shoulder release – some burden I was carrying internal just simply dissipated – it was gone – I felt lighter and my shoulder was now mobile again! Truly an amazing, effective way to go through life – feeling blessed and being blessed by such a loving, caring soul as Kathryn.

Give yourself a gift of her loving manner and method – you will be glad you did. After I felt fabulous – free, light, and unencumbered, and so relaxed.



After an Ayurvedic Oil Massage 

Hi Kathryn…..wonderful session yesterday. Today I feel “more simplified” physically and emotionally. That’s the best way I can describe it. This is just what is needed to feel grounded and able to function amidst such great external chaos. Treatments such as yours, plus clean food, being outdoors, yoga etc. are wonderful ports in the storm. My digestive system has been working wonderfully since the treatment as well!!

Many thanks, Jo


I had my first Thai massage by Kathryn and I was truly amazed at what this massage did for me. The intentions of grounding, the ability to relax from my busy schedule and an additional intention of love were all met. Later that day I performed a high energy workshop with ease and clarity. Kathryn is very professional and focused in her work and I am pleased to say I plan to book many more of these Thai massages.”

Taaja Kayler
Red Carpet Walk


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved the session. You made me feel comfortable as soon as I got there, and made sure that I was going to receive what I wanted in my session. You are very connected, you focused on what it is I wanted and needed, you are very intuitive, and I felt very relaxed and grounded at the end of the session. In fact, I still feel relaxed, yet with energy to get me through the day. You’ve got healing hands, a big heart, and a warm smile. Thank you for sharing that with me. I would recommend you anytime.
-Love and Light


That was sensational! Wow! I feel great. I was able to just let go. That was awesome. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.
R. Whelan


Thanks so much for our time together.

profound and enlightening

I am so grateful for the insights you helped me feel yesterday.
I wrote to a woman friend later last night
“my Thai massage today was about trusting and letting go into a place of safety and surrender”

I went on to a chiro apt at 5.30pm and he was very impressed with the difference in my alignment…
“I’m a believer ” I think is what he said !!

I’m going to sign up for your refresh maximum massage deal – I love investing in myself 🙂
but first am going to bed !!

G. Scadeng


I felt incredible after the treatment. It was the perfect finish to overall amazing birthday/ mother’s weekend of being spoiled rotten.

Overall, as requested I was seeking balance and I left feeling nourished so thank you! I truly felt your loving nature and I know that I too can find myself again. It is obvious that you are passionate about what you do Kat, so thanks for sharing!

I look forward to seeing you again!