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Monday August 25 2014 at 10:13am EDST is the New Moon in August. New Moons mean time for seed planting, both for farmers and for you. Farmers are planting food at the right time for optimal yield and you can plant seeds of intention for your life with similar results. If you’d like to take advantage of the Virgo energy around co-workers, organizational task completion and resolving health issues, 48 hours after this New Moon is the most potent time. According to astrologer Jan Spiller, making up to 10 wishes that align with all parts of your being during this time can yield a potent harvest. I’ve worked with her book, New Moon Astrology, which gives further tips for wishing and details on each sign’s area of influence, for over a year now with incredible effectiveness. Wishes must be handwritten on paper for greatest potency. Jan has more tips on her siteĀ
Of course, inspired action must be taken when the opportunity arises. If you would like support around your health or accountability in dealing with organizational projects, contact me for a session. I’m glad to provide support to you on your journey, book online
Happy wishing!


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