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Downward Facing Dog in the Bathroom

Do you have a sore lower back? Stiff shoulders? Pain in the wrists? An overactive mind? Tight hamstrings? All of these can be addressed with the feature pose, downward facing dog. The modification I demonstrate in the video uses and strap over door handles for support. Using support is helpful during times of change, as in where we are now between the seasons. Putting the head below the heart, as in this pose, helps to improve circulation and change perspective. This lengthening and strengthening pose is particularly excellent for people with issues in the lumbar spine, including scoliosis. Check out the video and try it at home. You will feel taller and more spacious. This is a pose that I often share in private sessions and in workshops. For details on how to book yourself in to one of these sessions, see
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Happy Autumn!

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