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Are you hot and hangry or having fun in the sun?

Use ancient wisdom from Ayurveda to stay cool

Ayurveda, the Science of Life that originated in India thousands of years ago, holds that everything in nature is composed of elements and the relationship between those elements is constantly shifting. Fire and water are the elements predominant in our summer and the relationship between them is called Pitta. Pitta is responsible for all type of transformations in the body and has the qualities of being: Hot, Sharp, Liquid and Oily. Therefore anything (food or lifestyle) that has those qualities will increase Pitta, because of the Ayurvedic tenet that “Like increases Like.” Using the tenet of “Opposites balance” here are some handy tips to keep cool in the heat:

  • Eat the main meal at noon with the bulk of the food being Sweet, Astringent, Bitter in taste and slightly dry in texture. Make sure the food is pure and wholesome
  • Work in a cool, dry environment where you feel you are in control (such as your own business)
  • Seek balance in all things, alternate hard work with leisure and rest
  • Decrease the use of stimulants. Use cooling bitter herbs like aloe vera, dandelion, gentian and cilantro
  • For leisure time choose calming activities such as quiet walks in nature or parks
  • Wear clothing made of natural fiber such as cotton or silk. The best colors are lighter colors like white, cream, blue, green and purple
  • Take cool walks in the moonlight

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