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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Detox


Gently cleanse inside and out

Greetings! With a New Moon on New Year’s Day and several exciting events lined up, 2014 promises to be a spectacular year. A new year, a new moon, and holiday indulgences can prompt many people to make resolutions regarding health. Some of these involve intense detoxification programs to shed extra pounds. In Ayurvedic medicine, this time of year is a Kapha or earth and water time, meaning the best approach is a slow and steady one. You may feel this as the urge to hibernate! The colder temperatures cause contraction and any extra energy goes to stay warm. Rather than asking the elimination organs to do extra work, lightening the load of incoming stressors will allow for smooth processing of old toxins and the building of a strong new body. Here’s my top tips for January cleansing.

1. Water. Yes, it’s that simple. We tend to drink less in winter however, it’s drier and our muscles contract so we need liquids. Use hot water with lemon or lime to alkalinize and gently support the liver. Rinse with clear water afterwards to protect your tooth enamel. Also filter your shower water since chlorine gas is a carcinogen.
2. Massage. How about a resolution for greater self-care by receiving a massage once per month? Bodywork supports the lymphatic system whose primary function involves immunity. It also supports circulation and mobility as well as flexibility, all of which need extra support during the colder months. A warm oil massage is deeply relaxing, healing and nourishing on all levels.
3. Clean up your produce. Use the Environmental Working Group’s lists of which items have the most and least pesticides to reduce your intake of chemicals.
4. Go green at home. Look at your detergents, cleaning products and personal care products. The purer they are, the better you will feel. Clean cosmetics database.
5. Eat whole foods. The closer to its natural state, the more nutritious a food is. Whole foods have all the nutrition and fiber required to be assimilated while refined foods rob your body of stored nutrients in order to be integrated.

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